How To Live A Life With No Regrets

Posted by in Enlightenment, The Human Potential Centre on Apr 29, 2013

So much time is wasted.

My dear friend, the only regrets you will ever have will come from things you do today that are not enriched with your full attention and fearless passion.

Your time is so precious. Every moment your mind is rambling on with “useless, unconscious garabage” is wasting your life.

The key to happiness, the key to getting what you want out of life is this very moment.

What you do now.  What you think now.  This is all that matters and what will rule your experience.

Put your full, empassioned attention on now, without fear, doubt or judgement.  BE in the moment. Allow your mind to be completely absorbed in your now…your life will change so fast you won’t recognize yourself in just a few short weeks.

When your mind is wondering, fill it with thoughts of love. Chant, sing, pray without ceasing.  Your transformation is so close. It is only your attention that needs to shift.

Attend to your thoughts and step fearlessly and fully into each moment.



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